Silver Sage Region History

The Silver Sage Region of the Porsche Club of America was founded in October 1966, eleven years after the Club itself was founded back in the Washington, D.C. area. The original group consisted of fifteen members. One of the founding members, Mick Williams, went on to become an important figure in the national Club, rising to become its President from 1975 through 1978. 

The Silver Sage Region is in Zone 6 within PCA. The Region broke off from the Cascade Region, and as first formed included all of Idaho, one eastern Oregon county, and all of Montana. A few years later, two regions in Montana, Big Sky Region and Absaroka Region, broke off from Silver Sage, and southeastern Idaho later became part of the Yellowstone Region. The Silver Sage Region now consists of nineteen Idaho counties in southwest and central Idaho, and Malheur County in eastern Oregon.

The Silver Sage Region has twice been named the Region of the Year within PCA, in 1996 and in 2020. Founding member Mick Williams was given the Bill Sholar Memorial Award, in recognition of outstanding contributions to PCA, in 1987. Member Marshall “Red” Jones was named PCA Enthusiast of the Year, in 1998. 

Significant events in Silver Sage’s history have included: hosting the 1971 Porsche Parade in Sun Valley, just five years after our founding; holding the only hillcross in PCA with the first Bogus Basin Bacchanalia, conducted at Bogus Basin, a local ski resort, in 1976, which was conducted almost annually through 2016; the annual Spuds event, a potato-based feast that became a money-raising event for the club, in the mid-1980s; hosting a second Porsche Parade in 2002 in Boise; conducting a major charity fund-raising event beginning in the mid-2000s that has contributed over $100,000 to local charities and has helped the club win national recognition within PCA; and in the early 2000s beginning an annual Porsche car show that has come to be called Oktoberfast, a major display of Porsches each October that includes over 100 cars and is currently held at The Village at Meridian.

Membership has grown from the original fifteen members to several hundred for much of its history, and has recently jumped to around 500, partly because of Boise’s growth and the club’s increasing prominence within PCA.