Porsche Club of America members do more than drive cars!

The local Silver Sage Region’s 500+ members have donated nearly $190,000 to community charities over the past 13 years.  In 2019, donations will exceed $22,000, as we finalize and process the remaining contributions.  Our members rallied in support of Wish Granters, a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling wishes of terminally ill adults (persons 18 years and older) in Ada and Canyon Counties for over ten years.  This has made a lasting impact in the lives of those families by granting wishes to adults who have terminal illnesses.  Their mission is to come into the lives of these adults and give them and their families a memory they can cherish forever.  Wish Granters are exceptional people working with families on short timelines to grant straight forward, non-extravagant, but often logistically challenging and emotionally impactful wishes.

Previous recipients of charity efforts have been; Feed the Gap, The Jesse Tree, Miles of Smiles, Book it Forward! Idaho, The Community Stars, The Garden City Community Clinic, Make-A-Wish, the Idaho veteran’s Assistance League with Beds for Veterans, Backpacks for Kids through the Idaho Food Bank, the Women and Children’s Alliance, and Terry Reilly Health Services.  Selection of benefit organizations is based on club member requests and sponsorships.

Each year the Porsche Club of America selects a region for its Public Service Award to recognize fund raising and community service activities.  The Silver Sage Region efforts have been rewarded with a first-place trophy, as the best of 144 regions in the nation at the Porsche Club of American National Convention in both 2008, 2012 and 2016!

2020 Silver Sage Charity Nominations

Charity nomination applications due March 31, 2020

Criteria the Board will be using when choosing or charitable causes: 

  • Nonprofit organization
  • No Religious affiliation
  • Must have a local impact on the community
  • Promotes member involvement
  • Organizational stability and involvement with our project
Criteria include: Nonprofit Organization - No-Religious Affiliation - Local Impact - Promotes Member Involvement - Organizational Stability - Involvement with Silver Sage PCA

Past Silver Sage Charity Contributions

2019Wish Granters$22,000
2018Feed the Gap$26,500
2017The Jesse Tree$23,000
2016Miles of Smiles$16,000
2015Book It Forward$14,000
2014Garden City Community Clinic & Boise Community Stars $14,500
2013HODIA (Summer camp for diabetes-afflicted kids)$11,700
2012Organization Assisting the Homeless Student (OATHS)$12,000
2011BEDS (Hospital Beds for Veterans)$11,500
2010Idaho Foodbank’s Backpack Program$7,700
2009Women’s and Children’s Alliance$10,400
2008Terry Reilly Health Services$4,500
2006Toys for Tots(toys)
2005Family Advocate Program$3,000
2003Idaho Foodbank$3,800
2002Idaho Foodbank$4,000
2001Idaho Foodbank$3,100
2000Idaho Foodbank$3,250
1999Toys for Tots(toys)
1998Idaho Foodbank$1,350
1997Idaho Foodbank$385