Glossary & FAQs

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Glossary of events:

Adopt-A-Highway- The club has adopted a 2 mile stretch of Hwy 55 just north of Horse Bend. We go and clean it up twice a year. Mikel and Laurette Williams currently lead this activity. We usually go for lunch afterwards.

Autocross (Auto-X)- This is a closed course driving event usually set up in a large parking lot with cones you must navigate through with different elements such as slaloms, turns and straights. The objective is to finish the course safely, as quickly as possible, without hitting any cones. This event is open to drivers of all skill levels. It is an opportunity to learn how to drive your car better and have a lot of fun doing it. Gary Roeder and Bob Kunz lead this event.

Board Meetings- Usually held on the first Tuesday of the month at Porsche Boise at 6:30 PM. We meet to discuss upcoming events and what the club would like to do in the coming months. If you have suggestions, please attend. New ideas are always welcome. All members are welcome. Sandwiches and drinks are provided by Porsche Boise at 6:00.

Charity events- Silver Sage raises money for one local charity each year. We ask our members to nominate a local charity where our club’s donation would really make a difference. Once a charity is selected, we start raising money over the rest of the year through raffles, a charity auction and events like Oktoberfast. At the end of the year the club presents the charity with a check.

Coffee and Porsches- Held the first Saturday of the month (June – October) at Porsche Boise. Meet up at 8:00 A.M. and plan on leaving at 8:30 sharp. The dealership provides coffee and breakfast snacks in the showroom. All Porsche cars are welcome. Denis Dunlop is the Chairperson for this activity. Several different people lead the tour. They scout out the drives ahead of time, so on Saturday we just follow them. Typically, they take us out into the surrounding countryside or mountains to enjoy our Saturday morning. There is usually a stop break halfway to wherever they are taking us. They plan the drives so we will be back in Boise by noon.

Diva Event- This is a social event usually held in the fall which could include a drive, a craft and lunch. Historically, this has been an eventto honor the women of the club.

Driver Skills- This is a driving event that teaches you how to better handle your car on a safe closed course. Designated experienced drivers are available to help guide you through the elements. This allows members to learn how to drive their Porsches in a variety of circumstances. Emphasis is placed on improving safe driving techniques.

Garage Crawl- This is an event where club members can show off their garages. This is a social event that starts in the morning and ends with a catered lunch. We use three garages in various parts of the town, get to know each other better, eat some good food, and hang out.

General Membership Meeting- This is generally a monthly social dinner event complimented with the Operation Dinner Out in the summer. All Silver Sage members are invited to attend, meet people and share ideas for future activities.

Oktoberfast- This is a whole weekend of events. There are drives, a dinner, and a static car show. This is a big part of our fund raising for the selected charity. It is the club’s biggest single event all year. Gary Cuddeford, Sid Cannon, Liam Spencer, and Randy Bloom lead this event.

Operation Dinner Out- This is a social event. We meet for dinner on Thursday’s during warmer months at a different restaurant every month. You can drive your Porsche or not, there is no requirement there. If you have restaurant suggestions let the social committee know ( )

Porsche Parade- This is held once a year and is a huge national gathering of all things Porsche. There are cars show events, drives, driving events, golf, autocross, fun runs, technical competitions, banquets and tons of things to shop for. For more detail go to

President’s Mystery Drive- This is a drive that last a little longer than the Coffee and Porsches drive. The President selects an interesting location and usually plans a lunch stop. This drive is limited only by the imagination of the President.

Sage Tick- This is our quarterly, online club publication. It is a color magazine that has articles about what the club did in the last three months. Past issues of the Sage Tick may be found online at . Participants are always welcome to submit articles regarding Porsche events

Spuds Auction- This is a social event and fund raiser for Autocross and Driver Education (DE) events. It is a potato potluck held in an airplane hangar. Bob and Chris Denton host this event. Participants are encouraged to bring items (used, old or new) that could be auctioned. These items can be Porsche related or not. Desserts are always a great seller.

Tech Talks- Tech talks are held one Saturday a month during the cold months, when some of us have our cars put to bed. This is an opportunity to get together and learn something new about Porsche or cars in general. Topics vary from engine tear downs to how to wash your car (and yes you are probably doing it wrong, I know I was). Josh Cummings organizes these.

Tours- A tour is a multi-day drive led by Silver Sage Members. This is a chance to drive your car along with a group of other Porsche owners and spend some time seeing the sights and getting to know the area better. Tours are a great way to meet other members and enjoy a “mini-vacation” with the accommodations and meals pretty much arranged for you. Walt Gammill is the Committee Chair for these events, so if you have any ideas for tours, or you would like to lead one, talk to Walt.

Treffen- Treffens are national PCA gatherings. Typically, there are two every year. One on the west half of the country and one on the east half of the country. “Treffen – ‘to meet”. That is the entire concept behind the PCA Treffens: an opportunity for PCA members to meet their fellow Porsche enthusiasts in some of the most spectacular locations in North America. PCA has put together a four-day event with an emphasis on guided tours hosted by the knowledgeable local Regions’ experts. Treffens do not include competition, other than how many new friends can you make and how best you can enjoy your time in a unique location.” (

Zone 6- PCA is organized into 14 Zones and 147 Regions. Zone 6 includes the 10 PCA Regions located in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and British Columbia Interior. John Sommerwerck is our Zone 6 representative.